Schmame Over Episode 2: More Bioshock Infinite

by on April 3rd, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Schmame Over episode 2 is live, go and consume! This episode we’re joined by a special guest who shall remain nameless (until you listen to the podcast) because he thinks that being associated with us is somehow bad. Pfft, we only talk about penises like, maybe, six times the whole show!

We spoil the hell out of Bioshock Infinite, talk about the possibilities of Nintendo the Theme Park, and wrap up with a bonus point that runs a bit too long, like always.

Schmame On!


  • Corey Weber

    Damn it. I totally forgot that they alluded to how Songbird would die. When you crash into Battleship Bay and he chases after you, his eye starts cracking under the water.

    • Kylock

      Oh man, you’re right!