Twos-Day Premonition

by on April 30th, 2013 at 9:22 am


Zach, did you hear? There’s a new, updated version of the cult video game hit Deadly Premonition out today!

Well, of course I know it’s all about us, Zach, but I wanted to make sure you knew too.

What’s different, Zach? Well they’ve updated the graphics and the controls, put in new side quests and events, and helped flesh out the people of Greenvale. Of course, Zach, the most important part is all that they’ve also expanded all the conversations we have while driving around in our car.

Why, yes, I do think we’ll spend a lot more time talking about Gene Hackman. Why wouldn’t we, Zach?

Hm, I’m not sure about the coffee. I’ll have to ask the proprietor, but if it’s anything like it was in the last game the coffee is sure to be just about the best thing we’ve experienced since we left the city, Zach. And, yes, I’ll make sure to bring your favorite suits this time too. Don’t expect me to enjoy wearing the pink one, though, that’s all on you, Zach.

Say, Zach, do you remember the time we spent in Greenvale last time? I can’t say it ended particularly well, or particularly poorly. That’s kind of how life goes, right, Zach? Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes you eat a sandwich with corn flakes and strawberry jam. Do you remember that sandwich, Zach? It was delicious.

Looks like the Director’s Cut of our adventures in Greenvale is out today for the Playstation 3, Zach. I think we’ll go get a copy after we solve this case.