Soul Sacrificing My Sanity

by on April 30th, 2013 at 9:47 am

The PS Vita is a dying system.

The PS Vita is the best handheld to ever exist.

I’m a huge fan of the PS Vita and its slow, but inevitable, demise makes me really sad. Which is why I get so excited about interesting games being launched on the system, like today’s release of Soul Sacrifice. In Soul Sacrifice you’re tasked with beating an evil magician etc etc whatever, the important part is how you do this. When you beat a monster in combat you can save it or sacrifice it, giving you either health or bonus damage, sort of like what you did in Dante’s Inferno to power up different skills. Not too interesting on the face of it, except you can sacrifice your in game lover’s health for energy. You can sacrifice your team mates.

You can sacrifice yourself.

If the game doesn’t pan out, I’m intrigued by nothing else than a game that forces you to make decisions about what you’re literally willing to give up to accomplish its goals.

Plus, it’s on the Vita. (And it looks super grim dark, yay!)