Beast of America: Intro

by on April 29th, 2013 at 2:07 pm

Beast of America

Welcome to Beast of America, a special series of Schmeditorials for this week. Each day will see a new article discussing some overarching themes contained in Bioshock Infinite as they pertain to real life America.

Yes, we here at Gamers Schmamers have talked quite a bit about Bioshock Infinite. If you’ve played the game you know why. Say whatever you will: You cannot deny the importance of this game. It moves the medium forward and helps bring it into the realm of legitimate art. It’s the Watchmen of gaming. Its beauty and amazing story aside, we’re here to talk about Infinite’s social commentary.

For the proceeding four days you’ll get to enjoy the following discussions:

Monday – Intro (You’re reading it!)
Tuesday – Religion
Wednesday – Racism
Thursday – Industrialization
Friday- American exceptionalism

Each Schmamer will contribute. Except Paul because he hasn’t played the game yet. Hopefully you’ll join us for some meaningful conversation as we attempt to take something seriously for once.