Schmame Over Episode 8: The Le Douche

by on May 4th, 2013 at 8:40 am

Adam reveals dark secrets about his family’s past, we visit the mysterious town of Greenvale, Star Command is a pretty awesome game me thinks, and my god what is up with asshole fans on the internet? All this and so much more, on episode 8 of Schmame Over!

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  • Paul Valentine

    With the caveat that I haven’t played Star Command nor did I pay attention to the Kickstarter, I’d lean more towards the argument that Kickstarter is a contract and I’d expect roughly what I was promised. I heard they advertised the game as being turn-based and then switched to RTS. If that were the case I’d be pissed off about it. I view Kickstarter as switching a single producer for a collective group of investors, and if I made an investment and then what I invested in changed that much (I’d consider TBS to RTS a major change since I love TBS so much better), I think I have a right to be angry. If they just didn’t put some features in, though, then what-the-fuck-ever; what game ever has delivered on all the features it promised when being pitched?

  • Paul Valentine

    Also, I love the intro to Fallout 3, but that’s because I love the entire ambiance of Fallout and the 50’s vibe inside the vault. I think the slow pacing works well (narratively) because the vaults are sheltered, calm lives with routines but then you suddenly get dropped into the outside world and you lose all structure and things become completely open-ended.