My Month of Terror

by on September 11th, 2013 at 12:09 pm


Despite what recent releases may have you thinking, it is not in fact October. We aren’t even halfway through September yet and we’re practically flooded with horror games. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs and Outlast are the two most notable horror games, yet not a week seems to go by without another horror game being launched or announced. Which got me thinking.

See, there’s been a lot of good horror released in the past few years. And not just in video games either. Horror movies have done remarkably well at the box office lately, and though perhaps not as intense as other works plenty of novels with horror elements have been doing well on the book charts. Though the genre as a whole isn’t nearly as popular as almost any other genre, except maybe poor old westerns, there seems to be ever more horror coming out in general.

Which is where October comes in.

See, there’s just too much horror to consume in a year. Too many books and games and movies come out, and too many of them are garbage with no really good way to tell which is good and which is awful. See, the problem is that what scares me might not scare you and what scares you may not scare someone else. There are people who found Stephen King’s “IT” (the novel, not the movie) the most traumatic reading experience of their lives. There are others who found it dreadfully boring. How are we to know which one we’ll be without reading it?

And it’s in that spirit of exploring the potential of the horror genre that I officially announce the “Oh God, My Sanity Where Has It Gone? 2013” challenge! For each day of the month of October I plan on playing, reading, or watching one (or more!) horror games/movies/books. I’ll even consider horror themed music, if anyone has any suggestions! Each day I’ll make a post about the day’s horror activities and record my general mental state. I’ll also upload videos when I stream myself playing horror games.

Of course that’s a lot of horror to come up with on my own, which is where I am going to ask for your help. I need suggestions! What movies, games, music, or books do you think I should indulge in? How long are they? Is it something that requires me to play/read/watch to completion to get the horror or can I just get part way through? Why do you think I should play it?

Once I’ve come up with a master list of horror items I’ll post it here, so we can keep track of all the ways in which I am going to break my psyche.

Who’s excited for October?