Final Fantasy: The Dating Sim

by on September 11th, 2013 at 7:43 am



Whenever I hear new Final Fantasy news I just sort of smile and go “Mhm” and the newest from Square-Enix gave me that exact reaction as well. Final Fantasy Agito has been announced for mobile devices as a free to play game with in app purchases to customize your character, with more purchases available and not detailed. We haven’t actually seen the word “Agito” in a Final Fantasy title since Final Fantasy  Type-0 was renamed from “Agito XIII”. (Which still hasn’t seen a Western release.) And for all intents and purposes, Agito sounds like a dating sim. During “conversation events” you’ll have a chance to tap a heart (shown above) to increase your love/relationship with someone.

This could be a great game! But between SE’s awful treatment of free to play in the past, and what sounds like very low level gameplay, I’m not holding my breath. No word yet on a western release.