Are Games Held to a Different Standard Than Other Media?

by on June 13th, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Adults Only

I like being the guy on Schmamers who tries to get you assholes to discuss things. Josh, Pat, Paul, and Adam are all more prolific and quality writers than I. They can ¬†type about subjects at great length. I, on the other hand, run out of shit to say fairly quickly. Look at this shitty article you’re reading. I haven’t said dick and yet here you are.

Speaking of dicks (I’m a master at transitions), have you ever felt like there weren’t enough of them in games? Or boobs? Or assholes? Or vaginas? Or just sexuality in general?

Why the fuck is that?

Much like movies, games have a rating system. So why aren’t we seeing more digital dongs swaying in the breeze?

Spore Dick

Do developers think they’ll sell less? Why is that? Is even the gaming industry holding on to the outdated notion that video games are marketed to kids simply by virtue of being video games? Fuck. HBO can show all the tits it wants because parents have to pay extra for it. What the fuck is a video game if not something a parent has to pay extra for in order to give it to their child?

Slap a warning on it. Tell retailers to do their fucking jobs and check ID. And don’t listen to the whining of the very vocal minority of people in America who are afraid of sexual liberation.


What do you think, ladies and gents? Should developers be less afraid to show the human body in their digital form of art? Why do you think we haven’t seen more of it? Do you want more of it? Should I stop asking questions now?

Some people will argue that I shouldn’t have just posted all these links to parts because the internets is wide open. I say, “Fuck ’em.” Have some responsibility for your own child. As long as I’m not showing my ass to them in a public place you have no right to censor me or anyone else.

(By now you’ve figured out that all the links are to educational anatomy pictures.)

Depending on the feedback I get, we may keep going with this topic.

Sex in Video Games