Twos-Day: Cut More Rope…THROUGH TIME

by on April 16th, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Twine-threaded Twos-Day, Schmamers! Cut the Rope was an iSensation in the world of mobile gaming. Selling millions of copies and keeping commuters cutting day and night.

Well, looks like a sequel is soon hot to trot, this time featuring our favorite little fella Om Nom…TRAVELING THROUGH TIIIIIIIIIIME. This game was a massive hit, and I’ve already gone on record how fascinating I find the iGame marketing practice of just suddenly releasing sequels to these multi-million dollar sellers, and it looks like this upcoming game is continuing the trend. Let’s hope some of the AAA studios follow this trend and release big name titles completely under the radar.

Let’s also hope that we all sprout magical pixie wings and fly right up God’s asshole if we’re gonna wish for impossible things. Le sigh...

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