‘Tablets Are Going To Be As Good As PCs’

by on May 31st, 2013 at 11:20 am


So says Take-Two’s CEO, anyway.

Not that I doubt that tablets will become as powerful, cheap, and ubiquitous as PCs are, that seems basically inevitable at this point. What I would whole heartedly disagree with is that they will be as good as PCs to interact with in a purely gaming sense. I love mobile gaming, but no one has impressed me with a control scheme for their game. When I’ve played shooters or space sims on my iPad I always find myself saying this would be so much better with a controller, because the level of precision and speed I want (much less comfort) just isn’t in tablets.

Until we’ve gotten over that particular hump, consoles, PCs, and dedicated gaming handhelds are going to get the bulk of my time. Taking up screen space with my fat thumbs to awkwardly control a gun just isn’t cutting it.