Pleistocene-Mon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

by on July 12th, 2013 at 10:00 am

Trainer Charlie was walking down Route 1831, exploring the tall grass. He kept his senses focused on the area around him, hoping to get the jump on any creatures that showed their faces. The Pokedex given to him by Professor Henslow told him that he had almost cataloged every creature on this route. Just one alluded him.

Suddenly, Charlie was overcome by a sense of dizzyness. The word around him began to shift, and the grass rustled around him. His vision started to clear, and as it came into focus…


Wild Woolly Rhinoceros Appears! Go, Homo Rudolfensis!



Woolly Rhinoceros used… tackle! Homo Rudolfensis took damage!

Homo Rudolfensis, use… Sharpened Stick! … Homo Rudolfensis began to sharpen a stick!

Woolly Rhinoceros used tail whip… Homo Rudolfensis’s defense was lowered!

Homo Rudolfensis continued to sharpen his stick.

Woolly Rhinoceros used Head Charge!

Cave man being chased by wooly rhinoceros

It’s super effective! But Woolly Rhinoceros took damage too!

Homo Rudolfensis continued to sharpen his stick.

Woolly Rhinoceros used Speed Boost. Woolly Rhinoceros’ speed rose!

Homo Rudolfensis finished sharpening his stick! Homo Rudolfensis used Sharpened Stick!



Stabbed five times!

Trainer Charlie used a pokeball…

Woolly Rhinoceros was caught!

Pokedex Entry – Woolly Rhinoceros: Stocky limbs and a thick coat of fur make this creature comfortable in cold climates, where it roams across large patches of land. It uses its horns both for defense and to attract mates.

Would you like to give a nickname to the captured Woolly Rhinoceros?

– yes –

Trainer Charlie named the Woolly Rhinoceros Beagle.


Trainer Charlie lifted the trapped Woolly Rhinoceros in its Pokeball. Finally, he had captured every creature on Route 1831! He now had 36 creatures in his Pokedex. Surely he would now have a combination that would allow him to voyage home and defeat the gym leader in Shrewsbury Town. But first he should stop by Cambridge City and show Professor Henslow his collection.

Charlie began to make his way back to the road where he would be safe from the tall grass. Before he could reach the path, though, another wave of dizzyness overcame him…


Wild Musk Ox appeared! Go, Homo Rudolfensis!


Musk Ox used bide! Musk Ox is storing energy!

Homo Rudolfensis, use Savage Beating! Homo Rudolfensis began to brutally attack the Musk Ox… it’s super effective!

Wild Musk Ox fainted! Homo Rudolfensis gains 35 exp.

… What? Homo Rudolfensis is evolving!

Homo Rudolfensis evolved into Homo Erectus!


Homo Erectus is attempting to learn Walk Upright, but Homo Erectus already knows four moves. Forget a move to make room for Walk Upright?

– yes –

Homo Erectus forgot Tackle! And… Homo Erectus learned Walk Upright!


Now that he had evolved his starter pokemon, Trainer Charlie had no reason to stay in the area. Luckily, he had one very old creature on his team that had recently learned a new HM. Charlie pulled the Pokeball from his belt and let the creature out before him.

Pterodactyl! Use Fly!