Nintendo Announces 2DS

by on August 28th, 2013 at 10:44 am

Nintendo, in their ongoing quest to be the most ‘fuck you we do what we want’ company ever, has announced a new model 3DS. Sorta. Titled the 2DS, the system is a slate design (think tablet) instead of clamshell, and will play all 3DS and DS games. Oh, and it doesn’t do any 3D functionality. Coming in at $129.99 the 2DS is intended for younger players, who want to play 3DS games but can’t afford to upgrade to a 3DS. It’s no coincidence that the system launches the same day as Pokemon X and Y.

Call me tentatively excited for the 2DS, I don’t use the 3D functionality on my 3DS anyway so if there’s a cheaper way to get people into Nintendo’s amazing handheld’s then I’m all for it. (Plus I think it looks neat.)