Megatokyo Visual Novel

by on June 24th, 2013 at 7:45 am



Apparently ancient (by internet standards) webcomic Megatokyo is getting the visual novel treatment, funded through Kickstarer. To be honest, I thought Megatokyo had collapsed a long time ago, but I’d never dreamed it still had enough clout to raise close to $140,000 dollars for a game in just six days.

If you’ve never read Megatokyo I implore you- don’t. Set aside the ridiculous characters and the almost decade old comic that has moved its plot forward two months, ignore the generally bad art (and before any fans leap on me here, I mean composition and basic technical skill not style), and don’t read it because it reinforces the idiotic stereotype that Japan is full of anime, video games, maids, robots and kawaii~ugu. And all the idiotic rom-com drama.