Grumpy Grumplessness

by on June 25th, 2013 at 2:39 pm

More and more I see YouTube today as others saw the radio back when. Something to put on in the background while working or cleaning or sobbing when watching puppy videos and remembering your dogs that are probably long dead by now.

Either way, YouTube is host to a bevy of truly unique and entertainment programming, and certainly plenty revolving around wild and wacky video game shenanigans.

One of my personal favorites are the GameGrumps. A pretty madcap take on the Let’s Play format, the GameGrumps consisted of internet video gaming video icons EgoRaptor and JonTron. They were outrageous, hilarious, and terribly addictive.



Alas, the latter of the group, JonTron, has decided to bow out from Grumpiness to focus more on his own video series: JonTron. While it’s sad day for the Grumps and Grumpettes out there, I personally wish Jon all the best and look forward to standing behind whatever new iteration of Grumpitude comes next.

Thanks, Jon.

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