Far Cry 3 Expansion is the Best of the 80’s

by on April 5th, 2013 at 7:37 am

Far Cry 3 is probably the best first person shooter I never finished. Something about open world games just doesn’t do much for me. That said, the expansion for Far Cry 3 (0r whatever the hell it’s supposed to be) actually looks really great. I honestly thought this was an April Fool’s joke when I saw it, and assumed that Ubisoft just hadn’t gotten the message that April Fools day was over.

This reminds me, in the best way possible, of Saints Row the Third which is easily the best open world game made. Hopefully it turns out to be as nutty, frenetic, and as 80’s as the trailers make it out to be. Between this and Hotline Miami, apparently the 80s are a hot gaming era now.

Check out the trailer below.