Fan Game Looks Better Than Real Sonic Games

by on June 20th, 2013 at 7:32 am

Maybe it’s because Sega feels like they need to keep Sonic ‘modern’ like Nintendo is doing with Mario, but Sonic hasn’t had a return to his Genesis roots in quite some time. There’s nothing wrong with evolving one’s characters, but Sega hasn’t exactly figured out how to do that with Sonic.

Maybe they shouldn’t.

Looking at the trailer for fan game Sonic After the Sequel above (ignoring the questionable dub step) it seems like this fan project has a better grasp on what makes a Sonic game enjoyable than Sega has had for years now. Thankfully, as long as it isn’t sold for  a profit, Sega is usually pretty okay about these things. It’s out on PC now, so go get it while you can.