Welcome to GamersSchmamers.com!

by on April 1st, 2013 at 7:41 am

Welcome to the brand new home of Gamers Schmamers! I’m Joshua Hawks, editor in chief of this little shindig and I can’t begin to tell you how I excited I am to see this site finally go live. For those of you that came over from our Facebook page, welcome! It’s great to see you here. And for everyone else, it’s great to see you too. While we plan on covering news and culture and being generally kind of insane, more than anything else Gamers Schmamers is supposed to be about community. For every beautiful moment a video game has given me, a dozen more fond memories spring up from sharing those experience with my friends and family.

For those of you who haven’t been with us from the start, or who just forgot, Gamers Schmamers was started by my good friend Adam Douglas in late 2012 as a private Facebook group, largely inspired by the fun and sense of community he felt after he helped me with my 24 hour gaming stream for the Extra Life charity. He set up a posting schedule, gave us all things to write about, and off we went. Since then the group has expanded massively, and we started finding ourselves constrained by what Facebook would let us do with the group page. We wanted to host more original content, start making videos and podcasts, and have our own space to expand as a community. And here we find ourselves.

So what are we going to do? For starters, each day of the week has a theme. Each of these themes relates to gaming and gaming culture in a very broad way, and then we focus in on a specific issue.

  • Music Mondays: In which we feature our favorite tunes from the gaming galaxy.
  • Twos-Day: In which we examine the unstoppable staple of gaming: sequels. The good and the bad from Simon’s Quest to Portal 2.
  • Wed-NES-Day: In which we hop into our DeLoreans and take a look back at our favorite 8-Bit Adventures.
  • T’Hersday: In which we celebrate the fairer sex in video games.
  • Free-for-Play Friday: In which we reach into a grab-bag of gaming goodies and do whatever the +2Hellfire we want.
  • Storyday: In which we analyze, surmise, and maybe even trivialize that ever-evolving facet of gaming: the story.
  • Link Spam Sundays: Sundays are for being lazy, and the Schmamers are no exception, so we’ll line up some nice Sunday reading for you.

Of course we’re going to do more than that! Make sure to check out our two to three times a week podcast Schmame Over, where we discuss what we’ve been playing and general gaming culture. We’ll also be posting about the news of the day, because gaming culture waits for no one. We’re also going to have a host of video content, from Let’s Play videos for obscure games to comedy bits, to livestreaming of games.

And hey, if you like what you see here and feel like you have something you’d want to contribute, great! We’re always looking to expand our range of voices, and would love to host a guest editorial from you or even consider bringing you in as an official Schmamer.

For all the Schmamers let me say that we’re all excited to be taking this first step, and hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us.