The XBOX Reveal

by on May 21st, 2013 at 7:26 am


Today’s the day, folks. Microsoft finally goes from having an “unannounced next generation system” to showing us what they’ve been working on for all these years. Are we excited? I’m not.

It isn’t because I don’t want new consoles, or because I think the PS4 is just going to be so much better, but that the systems in and of themselves are a little pointless, aren’t they? The PS Vita is literally the best handheld system ever created in terms of hardware, but the variety and quality of titles on the system makes it largely irrelevant. And the same was true of the PS3 for a few years after its launch. More than anything, I got a 360 because that’s where all the quality games were for most of last generation. If the PS4 is where the great games go, then that’s what I’ll get. (Even though we know I’ll get both.)

But, more than anything, why I’m not excited about the XBOX reveal is that we’re going to startup the console wars. Again. Moments after the keynote ends people will be saying Sony did X better and Microsoft did Y better and the battle lines will be drawn and rally rally rage and hate for those who do not agree with you!

Despite there being no playable games for either system, probably no pricing, probably nothing more than fancy tech demos.

Just let me play good games without all the bullshit, that’s all I ask.