Tell Tales Without Burning Through Your GP

by on April 19th, 2013 at 4:00 pm

I’ve referenced more than once my love for adventure games on here, and now it’s time for me to present the opportunity for you to try some out on the cheap!

Good Old Games is a great site that keeps old PC games up and running for our continued enjoyment, saving some of these games from a fate of compatibility decline or a slow fade into obscurity. The site is set up great – everything you buy is stored online for you to download whenever you want, and most of the games come with bonus items like PDF files of the original booklets, soundtracks or concept art. I would highly recommend signing up for their newsletter because they off fabulous deals – I signed up when they were offering the original Fallout for free, and just last weekend they had the Dungeons & Dragons pack where I purchased a total of 11 games for around $20, all of which would have run me probably $120 at their usual costs. They’ll also occasionally just drop free swag into your account from indie developers if you have an account, so not signing up is like turning down free stuff. You’re not that stupid, are you?


This weekend GOG is offering 85% off a package of 6 gems from Telltale Games. Telltale really broke into the mainstream when they hit a homerun with the Walking Dead franchise, so you’ve probably at least heard of them. But before they were making me break down in tears on my couch, Telltale was making their bread and butter with some throwbacks to old school adventure games.

These are especially great if you’ve never gotten into adventure games before – they’re a little more accessible for someone who isn’t biased towards games that don’t care if a mouse is plugged in or not like I am. The reboot of the Monkey Island series was one of Telltales first big hits, spurred by a fan campaign to raise money for more games. Similarly, Telltale took another old LucasArts franchise and kept the fires going with more entries to the Sam & Max series. Their Back to the Future game is comprised of several shorter episodes to be enjoyed at your leisure and should be must plays for any fan of the franchise.

If you haven’t played adventure games these would be a great place to start, and if you have but haven’t played these games then you’re really missing out, bub. And who knows, maybe if you give these a try you’ll decide to test out something that originally loaded on MS-DOS.