Mystery Pokemon

by on August 30th, 2013 at 10:28 am

So Pokemon Rumble U is out and in a pseudo Skylanders move there are figures that you can purchase to import special Pokemon into the game. And, me being obsessed with figures and Pokemon, I went out and purchased a couple. Do I own the game? No. Do I plan on owning the game? Nope! But figures.

They come in, of course, Pokeballs and they’re also blind box which means we had no idea which ones we were going to end up with. (Though with Pokemon can you ever really go wrong?) The first one we opened was a pretty neat looking Pikachu, I really like the kind of 8-bit angular style of the figures. It’s something we haven’t seen the Pokemon in before. And it’s Pikachu! Who doesn’t love Pokemon’s titular mascot, right? Traitors, that’s who. Traitors to good taste. But the second one, well, just look below. He’s on the left. (Hell, I don’t even know if it’s a he!)


What the hell is that thing? I love it, but I have no idea what Pokemon it’s supposed to be. A new one from X&Y? An old legendary I don’t know about? Something secret never to be revealed to the eyes of man upon pain of eternal death and terror? It isn’t that I couldn’t find out what Pokemon this is, it’d be trivial to figure it out, in fact. But I love the mystery of it, that thrill that we get so rarely from video games today of wonder. This Pokemon could be the best one ever created. It could be the god of reality, death, time, and donkeys. Or it could be a stupid beaver like Bidoof. Who knows?! And who cares? The mystery is enough for me.

Maybe that’s why I keep coming back to Pokemon time and time again. I know all the mechanics of the game like clockwork, but discovering new Pokemon with mysterious new abilities and origins is a perpetual thrill. Most of my favorite Pokemon aren’t even from the original series, because I was just so excited by zebras and monkeys and oh man! Pokemon.

I love you, Mystery Pokemon.