Max Comes to PS3 Netflix

by on July 1st, 2013 at 7:45 am

Max is Netflix’ take on Siri, giving you advice and suggestions for movies and shows you might like to watch based on your Netflix watch history and by decisions you make about actors you’d like to see. It’s also, for now, exclusive to the PS3 which just reinforces how much time people spend watching Netflix on their consoles.

Netflix has needed some sort of randomizer for quite some time, the “top 10 suggestions” for a given Netflix account is fine but sometimes you just want the system to put on something random and be done with it. Decision overload is a thing, you know.

Regardless, it’s telling for the future of consoles that this Netflix feature launched on a console first. Maybe Microsoft isn’t that far off in its plans for the future of TVs and consoles?