Killer is Dead Premium Edition

by on May 30th, 2013 at 11:46 am


Suda 51 kill fest Killer is Dead is receiving a a premium edition that comes with extra goodies for the same price as the regular version. On the one hand: yay! I love everything by Suda 51 and long live Punk Rock!

On the other hand…

“Beauty & The Beast & The Lingerie” download, a “Temptation of Miss Vampire” mission, reversible cover and a “peeping tool” for gigolo missions.

It’s like a raging conflict inside of me, surely this content isn’t going to be anything but gratuitous eye candy and exploitative for no other reason than to be so and to piss people off. But on the other hand it’s Suda 51 and he’s doing it exactly to be called exploitative and offensive.

Regardless, free content is always nice. Killer is Dead is coming “summer” 2013.