Cue The Whining of the Internet

by on September 4th, 2013 at 7:49 am


Today, during their Pokemon X & Y direct, Nintendo announced one particularly interesting feature, namely that you will be able to upload your Pokemon to what appears to be a cloud service, then download them to any copy of X & Y that you own. It’ll also carry forward for future generations of Pokemon games, and even is supposed to let you transfer Pokemon from older games like Black and White. It’s called the “Poke Transporter” and for people to use this service, it will cost about 500 yen (roughly $5 USD) for one year of service. (No plans were announced for a NA release, yet.)

And instantly the internet started complaining. Barring the fact that short of borrowing someone’s 3DS or buying a second one you had no way of transferring Pokemon between games (both of which are not convenient or cheap options) this app also promises to streamline the process, something Pokemon has been due for for quite some time now. Ultimately, yes, Nintendo is charging more for the service than it probably costs to maintain. But it’s still a worthwhile and valuable service, and one that costs you something on the order of 1.3 cents a day.

Seriously, internet, Nintendo is a company offering a service. $5 a year is less than I pay for a month of bandwidth for our podcast. Get over yourselves.