31 Days Of Horror Begins

by on October 1st, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Hello all! Today is October 1st, and that means it’s the first day of my month long challenge to consume horror every single night of every single day. Exciting. Terrifying. Perhaps the worst idea of my life. Who knows! For posterity I’m going to present you with my 31 days schedule, but also invite you to join me! Any day that I’m playing a game that I can stream over the internet I’ll be doing so. So set your alarms, and join me in some down home terrifying fun! Also, join me on days two, sixteen, and thirty-one for a special solo podcast where I make a self assessment of my condition throughout the month. Will I be worse? Better? Driven mad by the Mountains of Madness? We shall see!

Day 1- V/H/S/ 2 (Movie)

Day 2- ABC’s Of Death (Movie) / Self-Assessment Podcast

Day 3- Outlast (Game, Streaming)

Day 4- Outlast (Game, Streaming)

Day 5- Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs (Game, Streaming)

Day 6- Spiral (Book)

Day 7- Rosemary’s Baby (Movie)

Day 8- Amnesia (Game, Streaming)

Day 9- Metro: Last Light (Game, Streaming)

Day 10- Metro: Last Light (Game, Streaming)

Day 11- Lone Survivor (Game)

Day 12- Lone Survivor (Game)

Day 13- Paranormal Activity 4 (Movie)

Day 14- House of Leaves (Book)

Day 15- Spiral (Book)

Day 16- House of Leaves (Book) / Self-Assessment Podcast

Day 17- Insidious 2 (Movie)

Day 18- A Tale of Two Sisters (Movie)

Day 19- Eyes Without a Face (Movie)

Day 20- The Shining (Movie)

Day 21- Sleep Tight (Movie)

Day 22- “It” (Movie)

Day 23- Unfinished Games (Game, Streaming)

Day 24- Muoi (Movie)

Day 25- Unfinished Books (Book)

Day 26- Unfinished Games (Game, Streaming)

Day 27- Unfinished Games (Game, Streaming)

Day 28- Alien (Movie)

Day 29- The Innkeepers (Movie)

Day 30- Special

Day 31- Special

Looking forward to seeing you!